Installing Office Add-Ins

This page provides instructions on how to install Office Add-Ins from the Microsoft Store. The process varies slightly depending on which Office application is used and the version of the application.

Note that you need a Microsoft account in order to be able to install, try, and purchase Add-Is from the Microsoft Office store.

Installing Excel Add-Ins

Installing the Add-In From the Excel Client or Excel Online

  1. On the Insert Menu/Tab in Excel locate the Add-Ins section of the ribbon
  2. Click the arrow to open the Add-Ins menu.
  3. Select the "See All..." option
  4. If the Office Add-Ins window, click the Store Option
  5. Search for the Add-In you wish to use and select the Add-In
  6. Follow the process of acquiring the Add-In from the Office Store.

Accessing your Add-In from the Excel Ribbon

If you have Excel 2016 Version 16.0.6769.0000 or greater or are using Excel online you may be able to start your Add-In from a section of the Excel ribbon. If and where the Add-In is located on the ribbon is determined by the Developer of the Add-In. For example, the Compare and Merge Add-In is available as a new section of the Data Menu/Tab of Excel.

For earlier versions of Excel or if the developer has not designed the Add-In to be added to the ribbon you start your Add-In using the Add-Ins section of the ribbon as described above. If the Add-In has been used previously in the current workbook it may open automatically when you Start Excel.