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Compare almost anything in Excel. View cell-by-cell differences. Find duplicates. Find added and removed rows. Analyze and fix data. No need for formulas.

Excel Compare and Merge

Compare and Merge is an Excel Add-In that can save you hours of time comparing, analyzing, and reconciling information. With a few clicks you can compare sheets, ranges, tables, and other lists, analyze and review the differences, and optionally merge the results. Use Compare and Merge to quickly find differences and resolve inconsistencies in monthly reports, time sheets, financial statements, SharePoint lists, data tables, and more.

NEW:   New Select Method to easily find and extract duplicates. Watch how easy it is.

Move around your workbooks more efficiently. Watch your important data and lookup ranges. Quickly analyze your data and formulas.

Excel Range Tracker

Award-winning Range Tracker helps you create and review Excel spreadsheets more efficiently. Using Range Tracker you can track, review, show formulas, and compare ranges anywhere in your Excel workbook without leaving the sheet you are working on currently. Use the Live Tracking feature to review and analyze your workbooks. Live Tracking follows your current selection in the workbook and dynamically shows the formulas of the currently selected cells and/or the values of cells with the same range address in other sheets.

Keep all your SharePoint stuff together. Create your personal dashboard in minutes. Filter and find your documents in seconds. Create charts and calculate statistics.

FollowCol Dashboard for SharePoint (Tenant or Site)

FollowCol Dashboard for SharePoint is the app for creating a personal dashboard to keep all your SharePoint information in one place. It's the fastest way to get to your SharePoint documents and data and follow certain columns in SharePoint lists and document libraries. With Follow Methods you can various views of your data including charts, statistics, and powerful document library views for filtering and visualizing your documents. On your phone or from your desktop, your SharePoint information is only a click or touch away!

Choose from the FollowCol Dashboard SharePoint Tenant, which allows you to create your dashboard based on information across the entire SharePoint tenant or FollowCol Dashboard SharePoint Site for creating dashboards from a single SharePoint site (and subsites) and can be installed by site collection owners.

FollowCol Dashboard works with both Office 365 SharePoint and SharePoint on-premises.

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Microsoft Partner

Strive is a Microsoft Partner specializing in productivity solutions and helping your business realize the maximum benefit from Microsoft Cloud technologies.

  • Custom development solutions using the Office App (aka Add-In) model for SharePoint and Office Apps
  • Office 365, including apps using the Microsoft Graph API
  • Office Add-Ins for Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word
  • Client solutions using Angular, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Office UI Fabric and other prevalent client technologies and DevOps tools
  • SharePoint development in Office 365 and On-Premise deployments, including the Add-In model
  • Office 365 and Azure Consulting

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