Excel Compare and Merge 365 (beta) Help

Excel Compare and Merge 365 has most of the same features as Compare and Merge Add-In. The primary difference is the ability to compare ranges from different workbooks and also that a "results" workbook can be selected to display the sheet results of the comparison. The workbooks must be stored on your OneDrive for Business from your Office 365 account. In addition, to achieve the same formatting as in Compare and Merge Add-In you must use the Compare and Merge 365 (beta) Integration feature.

Selecting the Compare Workbooks

With Excel Compare and Merge 365 you must select the workbook(s) containing the ranges to compare. First select whether you want to compare ranges from the same workbook or from different workbooks. The Select Methods available vary depending on this selection. For example the Select Method "Same Sheet, Find Ranges" does not make sense if you select Different Workbooks since this select method finds the compare ranges on a single worksheet.

To list your OneDrive for Business workbooks click the button. If you have many workbooks on OneDrive you will need to enter the name, or partial name, of the workbook to find. If you selected "Same Workbook" then click the button to select the single workbook containing the ranges to compare.. If you selected "Different Workbooks" click the buttons to set the Left and Right compare workbooks, respectively.

Selecting the Results Workbook

Follow a similar process for setting the workbook to add the compare results table. You have the option to use the Left or Right workbook or to select a separate workbook.

NOTE:   As the beta progresses this help page will be updated.

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