Excel Compare and Merge

Compare and Merge is an Excel Add-In that can save you hours of time comparing, analyzing, and reconciling/fixing data in Excel spreadsheets. With a few clicks you can compare sheets, ranges, tables, and other lists and review the differences. Then you can optionally merge the results into a new sheet/range. Save your Compares in the Excel file so you can run them later with just 1-click the next time you use the workbook.

Use Compare and Merge to quickly find differences and resolve inconsistencies in monthly reports, time sheets, financial statements, SharePoint lists, data tables, and more. Compare and Merge is also a great solution to assist with data quality control and data cleansing.

Getting Started Finding Duplicates

Benefits of using Compare and Merge:

  •   Quickly compare sheets, ranges, tables, and other lists of information
  •   Quickly find and extract duplicates and/or unique rows from a range, table, or list
  •   Merge differences into a new list of corrected or up-to-date information
  •   Easily view differences cell-by-cell and pick from the "left" or "right" cell value to accept it into the merged result
  •   Increase data quality control with faster bad data discovery and data cleansing
  •   Quickly find added, deleted, or duplicate rows and accept or reject them into the merged result
  •   Analyze differences in information using colors, data filters, and difference counts
  •   Find and reconcile changes in information from one period to another
  •   Automatically merge differences or manually merge using the Task Pane with intuitive merge controls and options
  •   Select Excel ranges and tables to compare or use macro-like Select Methods to automatically find the ranges to compare
  •   Compare "current to previous" with one click where the compare ranges are found automatically based on Excel tab order or Excel sheet names containing dates, e.g. "Sales JAN-2016" compared to "Sales DEC-2015"
  •   Display the compare results in an Excel table or the Task Pane
  •   Use several options to fine-tune the results including column and row headers, decimal places, and custom date and text handling
  •   Save Compares to run with one-click at a later time